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Why Customized Journals are Making a Comeback in the Millennial Era?

Human beings require interaction to thrive. Besides, society was built for making interpersonal relationships and more. To thrive economically, or personally, communication is of vital import. Sadly, in a generation that focuses on digital interaction, people often neglect ‘live-action’, communication.

As a result, with none to share burdens with people tend to get depressed. This leads to increased stress, and people start feeling angst or moody. This is why psychologists often state that giving oneself time is primary for Generation Z.

One way to retrospect and unburned as stated by psychologists is owning a custom journal. Apart from these, a journal has a multitude of uses.

Why Journals are a Man’s Best Friend?

Journals are crucial for retrospection and a variety of other things

People working in MNC’s and management often need to oversee more than 3-4 issues at hand. At times, it can become harrowing to recall and remember each event that passed by. This is where a leather journal can be of help! For example, suppose you have a client meet and need to jot down important details.


  1. Event Tracing

Using your journal, you can take into account each important aspect of the meeting on a given date.

2. Managing Budget

Budget management is a crucial task for event managers, entrepreneurs and accountants.  For example, often a businessperson with a start-up might require planning his monthly expenditure. Having a professional journal can assist him in this aspect.

Once the entrepreneur plans his savings and expenditure, it’ll help him manage finance better as well as monitor management effectively.

3. Unwinding  

People can unwind by writing their thoughts in a diary too. Often, people who are not very good at self-expression can express their thoughts in a journal. This will help them in a path to self-discovery and aid in acute retrospection. Unique writing journals may be a good choice for them.

Features of a Journal

A custom journal is mainly used for both office and personal purposes.


  • Usually premium journals are made of leather, both tattered and smooth.
  • Is acid-free and thus, works well to absorb any kind of ink used.
  • 100% rustic handmade leather, ideal for travel notes, personal use, business use, drawing and sketching.
  • Vintage authentic journals cost around $21.00 – $35.00 and possess glazed or waxy covers to give the journal an old-school touch.
  • Consists of Premium paper quality of lined black or blank.
  • Weights around 200-400g.
  • Usually comes in 3 sizes of B5 25×17.6 cm, A6 14.8×10.5 cm and A5 21×14.8 cm.

Why Invest in Customized Journal?

Custom journals purchased from a reputed online seller comes with unique leather covering and quality. These are handcrafted by skilled professionals, who use premium quality leather and age-old craftsmanship for binding the diary.  Further, a reputed seller will deliver product within the stipulated time and in case of any discrepancy, will make sure to replace the product instantly.

Additionally, if you’re ordering from your own country, reputed leather gift companies deliver within 3 business days. In short, a journal satisfies a plethora of needs and this is why it is making a comeback in the millennial era.


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