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Features of Monogrammed Camera Strap 

Flixgifts uses only the best quality full-grain leather to make monogrammed camera strap. Buy this leather Monogrammed Camera Strap to get high durability. Its color doesn’t get fade with time and retains its originality for a long time. It is comfortable to wear. Whether you are a student or photographer, you can use it while traveling, attending conferences, etc., please click HERE.

Dimension of Leather Monogrammed Camera Strap

The dimension of the monogrammed leather camera strap –
Length – 136 cm
Width – 3.6 cm
Thickness – 2 mm

(You can use this monogrammed camera strap for all kinds of camera connection)

leather camera strap

Personalization of Monogrammed Camera Strap

Flixgifts also provides personalized Monogrammed Camera Strap to you. You just need to contact us and we will get back to you to know your requirement. You can choose to imprint your name, logo or any line on the camera strap to personalize it. Flixgifts charges a reasonable price to you to personalize monogrammed camera strap.

You can also gift a personalized Monogrammed Camera Strap to someone you love.

Shipping and Handling of Monogrammed Camera Straps

We usually take 1-3 days in order handling.
We take 6-14 days in order shipment to US, UK, France, Australia, Canada, Russia.
We take 10-20 days in shipment to other countries.

If you want fast delivery of leather Monogrammed Camera Strap, please choose “DHL for rush order” while checkout. It will take only 3-5 days. 

Flixgifts sells the best monogrammed camera strap to you. Feel free to contact us to get leather camera straps in bulk amount.


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