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Features of Comfortable Camera Straps 

Flixgifts’ leather camera strap is very comfortable and perfect for all kinds of camera. This leather comfortable camera strap is a must-have if you travel a lot and capture the best moments while travelling. It is made from full-grain leather that makes it highly durable.

Dimension of Leather Camera Strap

The dimension of the leather camera strap will be –
Length – 80 cm
Width – 2 cm
Thickness – 3 cm

(You can use this leather comfortable camera strap for all kinds of camera)

leather camera strap

Personalization of Comfortable Camera Straps

Flixgifts provides you the facility to get customized leather camera strap. You can get a personalized leather camera strap. Just tell your requirement and we will imprint your desired lines on the camera strap. You can also gift a customized leather camera strap to your friend. Kindly contact us to get personalized comfortable camera straps.

Shipping and Handling

We usually take 1-3 days in order handling.
We take 6-14 days in order shipment to US, UK, France, Australia, Canada, Russia.
We take 10-20 days in shipment to other countries.

You can also choose “DHL for rush order” for a fast delivery service. You will get your comfortable leather camera strap in 3-5 days.


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