Autumn Womens Brown Leather Backpack Purse



This leather backpack rucksack bag is designed for those who appreciate a simple yet timeless aesthetic. And the knock-down interior bag is the extremely easy-use design.

Womens Black Leather Backpack Purse for You

Flixgifts makes beautiful womens black leather backpack purse for you. Super fine craftsmanship and details. You can check this womens brown leather backpack purse detail images. This is the right leather bag for daily use. This bag is designed for those who appreciate a simple yet timeless aesthetic. And the knock-down interior bag is the extremely easy-use design.

Flixgifts also makes brown leather backpack womens for you. This brown leather backpack purse is premium quality. It seems that you’ve never seen before, made of quality leather. It’s unisex pattern, people who loves beauty can wear it and the bag will be happy to welcome any laptop up to 15 inch. Our craft work is in FlixGifts Studio, ​​keep in mind that each leather skin has its own variations and marks, so each bag may vary slightly. We also have many other bag designs click HERE to see. And the knock-down interior bag is the extremely easy-use design.

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11″ W approximately (28 cm)
14.6″ H approximately (37 cm)
6.3″ D approximately (16 cm)

Weight: About 1.4 KG

Should strap length: Adjustable 45-55 cmleather computer bag

Features of womens leather backpack bags –

US or Italy full grain leather: The quality of leather determines the quality of the bag. It is always a good idea to buy a bag that is made from trustworthy sources.

High-quality leather: We don’t just source raw materials from trustworthy sources, but also take time to inspect every aspect of the material before using it in our products.

Leather carry handle: We have a leather carry handle that can bear a lot of weight and rough use. It provides a comfortable grip so people can take it anywhere without experiencing strain.

Adjustable shoulder strap: Carrying load on the shoulder is more comfortable than carrying it in your hand. A strong shoulder strap can handle the load and is designed to rest gently against the shoulder without causing any strain. That allows users to carry relatively heavy loads without experiencing much strain. 

Internal padded Compartment: Most people carry a device like a laptop or an iPad when they travel. These devices need a safe storage space because they are quite delicate. Our leather purse backpack has a dedicated padded compartment where you can store these devices without worrying about any damage. The padding also protects it when you’re traveling. 

internal pockets: The women’s backpack purse has two internal pockets and one zipped pocket so there are many places to store your items securely. These pockets are spacious so you can store items like mobile phones, earphones, wallets, purses, etc.

These are just some of the many great features of our leather purse backpack. If you need a sturdy and reliable backpack, this is the ideal choice.

All the womens leather backpack bags are made and designed by FlixGifts designer and handmade with care and attention for details. We use leather from US and Italy sourced leather that is the top grade, this can ensure the leather briefcase will last for many years. As all the material is premium and our handmade method is sturdy, we offer 8 years guarantee on womens brown leather backpack purse!

Why are you waiting for? Buy this brown leather backpack purse to gift someone.

Shipping and Handing Time

Order handling time: 1-3 days
Shipping time: to US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Russia it usually needs 6-14 days
To the rest of the world, it will needs 10-20 days
If you want a fast express service for this leather backpack handbags, please choose “DHL for Rush Order option”. This service usually takes 3-5 days to your home.

Why is Women’s Backpack Leather An Ideal Gift?

When you want to gift someone, it is always a good idea to put some thought into it. Don’t choose something generic and impersonal because that shows you don’t value the recipient. Here are some reasons why a leather purse backpack is an ideal solution for women of different tastes: 

  • Useful – Useful gifts are always more valuable than showpieces or something similar. Bags are some of the most useful accessories you can have. You can use it while traveling, while heading to an office, or just for storing important items. If you want to give someone a purposeful gift, a women’s backpack purse is the best choice.
  • Durable – Leather is a very durable material, especially if it is sourced from the right sources. We get our leather from trusted suppliers in the US, Australia, and Italy. Leather ages beautifully so your leather purse backpack will become even more appealing as years pass by.
  • Universally Appealing – You can’t go wrong with a leather backpack purse. It is a universally appealing item that will be a right fit for women with different tastes and requirements. We also offer backpacks in different sizes so you can find something that fits the recipient’s requirements perfectly.
  • Modern Luxury – Leather never goes out of style. It has been in style for centuries thanks to its universal appeal and sophisticated appearance. Leather goods are prized and considered some of the most elegant items in the market.
  • Travel Worthy – People love leather a leather purse backpack because it can handle travel well. It is a tough material that can handle moisture, rough use, and other such travel conditions. If the recipient is an enthusiastic traveler, they will definitely appreciate a dedicated travel backpack made from durable leather.
  • Well-Designed – Our women’s backpack purse is a well-designed bag that can accommodate everything from clothes to electronics. A versatile backpack can serve multiple purposes.

As you can see, there are several reasons why a women’s purse backpack can be an ideal gift for people.

Who is it For?

As mentioned before, this leather backpack is suitable for a wide range of purposes. This leather backpack purse is an ideal gift for:

• Young professionals who travel frequently on the job.
• High flying executives.
• College or school students.
• Professionals who need to carry specific tools or documentation on the job.

Almost everyone will enjoy a well-designed and reliable bag so don’t hesitate to invest in quality. You can get a great deal of use out of it.

Handmade Leather Purse Backpack

Most of the products available today are machine made, which means it is easy to find a replica of a product online. All of our backpacks are handmade so they have several unique characteristics that make them stand apart from other products in this category. Every backpack is unique because it is shaped by a person’s hand. The stitches and elements are secure, capable of handling rough use easily.

Despite being a handmade product from genuine leather, our women’s backpack purse is very affordable. You won’t have to burn a hole in your wallet to buy a good quality product. You won’t regret the purchase.


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