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FlixGifts Personalized Leather Gifts for Men Samples

FlixGifts embossing craftsmen use a traditional hand technique where the names and words as well as initials are heated and stamped very deeply into the leather. This is really a time-cost progress and results in a distinct embossing that showing ages beautifully. Each personalized leather gadget is embossed by hand. You can choose your initials or words phrases to someone or logos to personalize your leather gifts for men, and womens and we’ll finish them for you with care and love.

Personalized Inspirations

heat embossing leather tool

The most common individual monograms feature the recipient’s First, Middle, and Last initials. FlixGifts can also deboss a name like “Becky Henry” and some unique words to someone, such as “ For my loving husband” “We are proud of you, Jack Bro”, (Note: each line limited to 28 characters)

For most wedding and valentine’s day occasion, most of the customer usually like “ Line 1: Jack & Elisabeth, Line 2: 14 Nov 2010”…. You can have your own ideas about what to emboss, yeah! Choose it, make the item your own! Great leather gifts for men.

Want to see more? Um…., a picture is more worth hundreds of words…so here is the best to see than my words. 





FlixGifts Personalized Leather Journal

flixgifts personalized leather journal

Personalized Leather Passport Covers

personalized leather passport covers

Distressed Leather Portfolio with Personalized Names

distressed leather portfolio with names

Customized Leather Photo Albums and Unique Words on

leather customized photo album

Initials on Small Field Notes Leather Covers

initials filed notes leather covers

Can’t See Clearly? Some detailed examples.


unique words on journalinitials on portfolio

logos on leather tablet case words and date photo albums

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