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Different Types of Personalized Leather Photo Album

Ahead of searching for a professional wedding photographer, it is good to have a concept of different types of personalized leather photo album & memories photo album available and their features. If you have already made the choice of photo album that will help you in considering the price range differences. Also, you can understand whether the professional photographer is offering a good deal or not. It is important to opt for long-lasting and high-quality cover for your wedding photos. The perfect way to keep your happy photos is by choosing a professional design with a hand-made wedding photo album.

With a personalized leather photo album for weddings, you can recall your memories anytime down the lane. It is also significant to keep them safe as wedding photo albums are like a storybook for couples as it offers complete detail of their special day from start to end. There’s a wide range of photo album options available online, you can opt for one of them as per your choice. Here’s the list of common wedding photo album types, as follows-

  1. Flush Mount Album

This type of wedding album is contemporary style than matted wedding photo albums. A flush mount album offers borderless photographic print, which holds space for one or more images. It can be further divided into two types- magazine style album and coffee table photo album. A magazine-style photo album facilitates full-page photos, and pictures overlapping each other without any borders. Meanwhile, coffee table album tends to feature different pictures with printed borders, though they are overlapping each other. So, this type of wedding photo album is a modern choice but you need to check its quality as it may defer from photographer-to-photographer.

  1. Matted Album

This type of photo album is formal in style and most traditional. In the matted wedding photo album, every single page is of stiff cardboard mount where loose photos are inserted before sticking in place. The mount is lifted slightly above so that the photos remain intact after the album is closed. This type of album can hold single as well as multiple images, each in its own way. It is also known as reversible albums as it can hold landscape or portrait photos. A matted album is perfect for a formal or classic wedding as it comes with a personalized leather photo album cover.

  1. Soft Cover Album

This type of wedding photo album is a more casual alternative, which is available in different size variants. It will have good images of the wedding day on the cover. A softcover album can also be an incredible gift for your wedding event. However, this isn’t a high-quality album but it perfect for people with low-budget.

  1. Gifted Album

These types of albums are the scaled-down variant of the main wedding photo album. A gifted album might include all main photos but in small-size, or may contain selected photos. It is generally of 2- cm sq., which is good for gifting couples. The gift books are also available in a smaller size and make preferable for gifting to your bridesmaids, or best friends on their big day.

Therefore, you should think twice before finalizing your personalized wedding photo album. In case you are looking for something that will last for long or permanent, you must opt for a flush-mounted magazine style album. If you are more tend to add a classic timeline album, then you must choose the matted album. So, now the choice of the album is up to your choice. You can find a reputed online store to purchase personalized albums.

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