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A Portfolio Will Take You a Long Way: Read to Uncover

The portfolio consists of an amalgamation of your lifelong
accomplishments and documents that verify your credibility. For those in the
millennial era, carrying a portfolio resume is of vital import. The reason
being progressive urbanization has opened up scope for both men and women in
the economic sectors. As a result, competition is tough among job-seekers.

Thus, possession of a portfolio is of vital import. If you
have a large leather portfolio with all the documents in place in a creative
and classy way, your resume will stand out. With a uniquely created resume,
thus, the chance of getting hired for a job increases.

Where to
Use a Portfolio?


  • Portfolio can be used as a resume for any job
  • An e-commerce store, a B2C or B2B business can also
    use the portfolio to feature their best products and services.
  • Consultants, managers, independent contractors etc.
    can also use a professional portfolio to make their brand or business stand

Types of
People that Use Portfolios

Portfolios are vital aspects of a person’s career and a wide
range of people use these. Artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, cake
decorators, graphic designers, costume designers and more use portfolios.

What to Put
Inside a Portfolio?

Simply getting a large
leather portfolio won’t do you any justice if the content inside is
not up to the mark. So, think of all the primary accomplishments in your life.
Look for projects you worked on, and state down your most thriving
accomplishments. Highlight your educational qualifications and write a bio on
why you stand out from others.

Things to
include –


  • Resume and CV
  • High school, college and university diploma or
    graduation certificates.
  • Lists of courses and training schools you’ve attended.
  • Work samples
  • Reference letters, experience certificates,
  • Samples of links, blogs, product
  • Appreciation notes
  • Basic biodata like the place of birth, nationality,
    birthday, name etc.

of a Portfolio

Stand Out

If you’re applying for ‘X’ job, chances are others are
applying alongside you. So, for your resume to stand out, it needs to look
unique both inside-out. So, try and pick those large leather portfolio with loads of
pockets. Now, start writing your resume like you’re narrating a story – ‘your
success story!’

Make sure you follow a sequence and leave no room for errors.
A neat and clean resume speaks of an organized personality, and calm demeanour.
This aids in the selection process for jobs.


No matter how prim and polished your deportment is, your
portfolio is the deciding factor when it comes to jobs. An interviewer will go
through your profile and analyze whether you fit the role required for a
company. If your CV stands out, chances are you’ll be recruited.


If you’ve worked in offices before it is primary that you
have a portfolio. This portfolio will note down your older work experiences,
required work certificates and testimonials. Once you show these off, you can
negotiate a better salary as per your CV.

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