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5 Personalized Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day That Are Simply Romantic

When it comes to deciding for a gift it feels like everything we think seems like a wrong idea. Especially when you want to impress someone special. Well, now that Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and your mind is reeling desperately for a great gift idea.

So why not gift them something personalized? But then again almost everyone these days go for personalized leather gifts. So how about adding a hint of personalization yourself to these gifts.

We have listed out some great personalized gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are simply romantic. You can add a hint of personal touch to them to make them extra special.

So without further ado, let’s start with the list shall we?

1. Personalized Leather Journal

Sounds boring right? Well, hear us out first. Personalized Leather Journal may feel like a boring gift idea but you could make it special.

How about giving your special someone a personally jotted down message journal. You can fill up the pages of the journal with your handwritten message. You can write how you feel about them or what are the things you love about them.

Nothing is more romantic than exposing your feelings to the ones you love. Plus, the leather finish of the journal gives it a rustic and tender look. You can even add the name of your special one on the cover of the journal.

It’s all about how you utilize a simple gift idea in your own way to make it more special and romantic.

2. Customized Leather Bound Photo Albums

In some ways, leather bound photo albums are unique as not many people purchase a leather material album. But you can create a great gift with a leather photo album.

We are pretty sure you and your spouse have many great pictures together. Memories that remind you of happy times. Well, start compiling the best pictures that you have clicked with your spouse and include them in the photo album.

Plus, there are many leather bound photo albums found online that allows you to add customization on the photo album cover. The leather finish will again give the photo album a great look.

3. Personalized Keep Sake Box

If your special someone is a ‘her’ then you can give them this perfect personalized gift. A customized keep sake box where she can store her fine piece of jewelry.

Keep sake box are beautiful, delicate and most importantly quite functional. Give your loved one a nice personalized Keep Sake Box and we are pretty sure that she will be happy with your gift choice.

You can add a short message for personalization over the box which will remind her of your sweet gesture every time she uses it. Or you can even choose to include a picture of you and your spouse together. Either way you cannot find a better gift than this right?

4. Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket

If you happen to be one of those couples that likes to cuddle together and watch Netflix, then this gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day. A personalized throw blanket is perfect to snuggle together and spend quality time together.

You can add the initials of you and your spouse on the blanket to make it more personal. You can spend this Valentine’s Day by organizing a homely movie night where you throw in some soft pillows, pop a bottle of wine and of course snuggle in to this personalized throw blanket.

Sounds amazing right? Plus, it doesn’t even require much of your effort. This gift idea is just simply romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

5. Personalized Leather Portfolio

You can give your loved one a stylish, cool portfolio that are great for putting all things essential while heading out for work. You can add a sweet personalized touch to the portfolio by making a personalized message on the portfolio cover.

Plus, the leather material of a personalized leather portfolio will give a smart corporate look that’s a perfect fit to take it to work. It is highly functional as well as you can carry your essential documents, iPad, phone, pen and more work related item in it.

So what are you waiting for? Go in to the online store and pick a portfolio. Add short and sweet message on it with the help of personalized option available.


Make your Valentine’s Day extra special by including the above-enumerated gift ideas. We are sure that your ‘sweet valentine’ will love it for your effort and thought.

You can choose a personalized leather journal with handwritten message on it or can pick a customize throw blanket to settle in for cozy time together. You will surely impress your special one if you choose any of the above-listed gift ideas. Search for a good online store and order.

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