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4 Different Leather Materials to Cover Your Family Photo Album

Exploring the recent market, you will witness a multitude of photo albums in assorted varieties. This implies that choosing your family photo album is not a challenging task if you are well prepared for the type you want. So, are you?

In this blog, we have paid attention to the leather photo albums that are highly in demand in recent times. Are you in search of a personalized leather family photo album? In that scenario, you should have a transparent idea regarding the multiple varieties of leather cover a photo album can have. After all, the beauty of a photo album or memory book reside in its cover.

Let’s get into a deep analysis regarding this, helping you to make your ideal purchase.

4 Different Leather Cover Materials Used for Creating Family Photo Album

1. Classic leathers: Have you heard of the full-grain and top-grain leathers? These two high-quality leather fall under classic leathers. They have the finest hides and are featured with a soft and smooth texture with natural blemishes, proving the originality of the leather.Friends, if you are looking for the natural leather material that has a premium quality feature, then classic leather cover will be the ideal match.

2. Contemporary leathers: You just can’t expect to experience the exact feature of classic leathers in your contemporary leathers. They are two different materials and so have their own unique quality to amaze the users. In a dilemma? Fret not. We will guide you in this.If you are talking about the contemporary leathers, they are the high-quality leathers featuring the pure and semi-aniline, buffalo hides, and nu buck. They do have the same premium quality but are mainly sourced from the European countries.

Contemporary leathers are much more expensive than the classic leathers and so are very much in demand to serve the luxurious purposes.

3. Faux leathers: Faux leathers have both vintage and contemporary effect, adding a unique feel to the product. Unlike the previous two, these are man-made leathers and are available in three different types – distressed faux leathers, penalized faux leathers, and metallic faux leathers. The distressed and pearliest faux leathers add a vintage feel to the photo album while the metallic faux leather takes care of the modern effect.Now, this depends upon you, what exactly you like to decor your family photo album.

4. Micro leathers: Micro leathers are simply man-made artificial leathers that you can opt for at a pocket-friendly rate. They have a clean and smooth texture, adding some extra effect to beauty. However, they are not as durable as contemporary or classic leathers.The best thing about this material is – the product is manufactured keeping the environmental conditions in mind. The manufacturers do not make use of any heavy metals neither they use formaldehyde in their production, causing no harm to the environment.

Final Words

So, friends, which type of leather cover do you need for your personalized leather family photo album? Flax, classic or any other type?

Whatever it may be, make sure you spend on the authentic products, instead of duplicate materials. Remember, the material you choose for the cover will reflect your personality, your choice, and your style.

Grab something unique and keep your memories safe forever. Order online now.

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