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Leather Photo Albums

Our personalized leather photo album is handcrafted of rustic premium leather, that is best for baby memories or wedding photo album book. Handcrafted by FlixGifts craftsmen using traditional bookbinders. Custom photo albums with embossed logos, or special dates on the leather photo album to make it more unique. The meaning of 4×6 photo albums is deep, this is the most used photo size. FlixGifts 8×10 photo album can hold 2 pieces of the 4×6 sized photo. When it comes to custom photo albums, we usually think of leather, paper, crystal and other types. Sticker leather album book has the cheap price, and is convenient to obtain and use for family or travel. Travel photo guestbook album is used to preserve the wonderful memories in life and let time freeze in that moment forever such as wedding occasion. Leather bound journal has the same method to make!

Leather Backpacks

FlixGifts leather backpacks are all of superior in quality. Some of the canvas and leather backpack is designed by our experienced designer. For animals lovers, we also offer some black faux leather backpack. Most of our designs are for both women and men. You can check our leather binder planner for bullet journal ideas. some mini backpacks are designed for school students. Genuine soft leather convertible backpack is multi-use design. We have several leather colors for backpacks, black, brown, red…….Personalized leather journal and leather portfolio folder pattern is 100% handmade with vintage traditional bound journal cover methods. We can make the journal or portfolio as large as A4 size or refill bible size notebook cover. Embossed brown Italian leather bound journal with lined paper will get you through your most important business meetings, travel rustic style. FlixGifts can custom or monogram with your names, unique words to someone which is a great ideas for a corporate gift. Our designer leather padfolio is very popular in UK and Australia. Blank pages is used for drawers as a leather sketchbook bound cover.

brown leather briefcase
mens watch holder case

Watch Holder

Simple, yet very functional watch holder is designed to keep watch organized. Durable leather watch holder for men while traveling is best way to keep things. Watch case holder is well known by its plainness, multi-function and allurement. The touch feeling of the mens watch holder will be more comfortable with the passing of the time. What is more, the watch case for men is unique designed, and different watch travel case can be replaced with this leather watch roll box. FlixGifts also provide other leather products. The convenience and functionality of the leather portfolio make it an essential requirement for daily use. For some people who prefer drawing refillable leather journal or the leather portfolio binder with paper, FlixGifts Padfolio is the best choice!

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For the Sake of Traditional and Perfection – Personalized Leather Goods for Him / Her

Unique and Premium are rare to find! And never go wrong if chosen wisely for Leather items that are made exclusively to define elegance. For many leather items such as moleskine cover, leather bags, leather padfolios are the embodiment of luxurious stature. There is no doubt that leather items carry a lot of symbols to make a great beautiful statement for almost every occasion. Look around, and you will see many leather lovers who flaunt their leather accessories such as leather passport holder or bags, and other potentially gorgeous items- Whether you’re looking for an affordable leather item or a perfect gift for any upcoming occasion, such as Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthday, or even anniversary. Believe Us! The pure leather goods simply can’t go wrong.

Know the top picks from our exclusive store and buy the experience that you can never forget.

Leather Journal or Notebook

Ever imagine how personalized leather journals can fill up the heart of your loved one as a gift item. Think about it! Those with writer’s heart will be thrilled to get a personalized leather journal to scribble and sketch. As the custom leather journals will always stand out from the crowd and represent a class that appeals to everyone. With the help of the right customization, a journal can be developed into a marvelous gift item, like leather field notes cover to celebrate any occasion. Here are few options:

Leather Blank Notebook Journal

Leather Dream Journal

Leather Artistic Journal

Leather Food Journal

Leather fitness journal

Poetry journal

Group Journal

Productivity Journal

Leather Pocket Journal

Leather Gratitude Journal

Leather Reading Journal

Travel Leather Journal

Personal Junk Journal

Maternity journal

Plant Leather Journal

Leather professional journal

Leather backpack

Of course, nobody can deny the grandeur of a leather weekend travel bags, or any other leather bag that alleviates the style and persona at a glance. Don’t give a second thought and get leather backpacks for your man. Even with the hybrid design and customized size option, a leather backpack can be availed for both men and women. Just grab a weekend travel bags from the collection, which could never go wrong. For all your travel needs, there are various kinds of backpack that support the best carrier for all your essential belongings. Grab any bag of leather gifts for women today, and heightened your sense of style towards college or office.

Leather Travel backpack

Leather Daypack

Leather Drawstring Bag

Leather Bum Bag / Waist Bag

Leather Rucksack

Leather Belt Bag

Leather Satchel Backpack

Leather Knapsack

Leather Randoseru

Leather Pouch

Leather Clutch

Leather Envelope Clutch

Leather Kiss Lock Clutch

Leather Pochette

Leather Boston Bag

Handmade leather wallet

A handmade leather item can never go wrong as this is one of the few things that genuinely make a great gift item for him or her, if you like to give someone. Also, don’t resist your desire, and buy it for yourself as this exclusive wallet is super sturdy and can go for years without complaining. There is no doubt about the practicality of this leather wallet as both men and women can carry it and organize valuables perfectly. Moreover, there are some specific types of leather that are used for making bags and other types of wallets for ensuring the quality of the leather, and they are:

Faux Leather

Cowhide leather

Lambskin Leather

Patch Leather

Robust Leather

Ruga Leather

Saffiano Leather


Dollaro Leather

Robust Leather

Ruga Leather

Leather handbags and Purses

Who doesn’t like leather bags? Without any judgmental eye, both male and female look for the potential and gorgeous leather handbags. For men, canvas backpacks or messenger bags hold the statement look, and also goes with the professional front as well as university class. Get it now, and flaunt it confidently anywhere – be it office, college or any travel purpose. For women, the leather handbags are the best complimentary gift that is believed to be the great giveaway. The glossy and finished product stands out of the crowd any day and anytime. Just one thing, get the best care and it will stay forever. Be ready to make the world speechless with your leather backpacks women, and care for it extra for more durability.

Shoulder Bag

Backpack Purse

Bowler Bag

Foldover Bags

Duffle bag

Leather Camera case bags

Doctor’s bag

Saddle Cross-Body Bag

Laptop Bag

Messenger Bag

Barrel Bag

Hobo bag

Tote Bag

Leather Photo Album

In this digital era, a photo album may lose its importance but to many households it still elevates charm by just adding memories intact. Open it anytime, and the good news is it doesn’t require battery to charge. Hilarious! Yes! But with little care, a leather photo album can hold many memories that you can see and share it with loved ones, and also, to pass next generation. Get your personalized leather photo album and make it customized with our expert to have the maximum benefit of the design. Recreate your customized leather photo album for various memories and cherish it for lifetime. Also, consider these feature before get your customization, and they are paper type, page style, construction, cover options, size options, page volume and price.  There are various kinds of leather photo albums that you can customized according to the occasion, and they are:

Pocket Style Albums

Wedding album

Traditional Scrapbooks

College album

Baby album

Travel album

Custom leather portfolio

Considered as the must-have essentials to keep all the little but pertinent objects intact, a personalized leather portfolio is all you need. There are many designs that are made for all genders and for the present day scenario, a portfolio keeps you organized as well as it elevates the looks. To give that a professional edge, these leather gifts for mens can be the best option as it makes the style statement anywhere you go. Don’t hesitate, and also never wonder about it, as the right design can always enhance the style for anything that needs optimum care, such as pen, diary, folder and so on.   Know the design that you are looking for as the leather gifts for mens because there are various kinds of designs, in reference to size, quality, price and compartments. Get one today, as the leather portfolio is meant to provide  safety and will keep all of the office or  work essentials stored while on the go or at the office. The different types are as follow:

Business card holder

Notepad sleeve

Laptop pouch

Document pouch

Tablet pouch

Zippered pouch

Pen holder

Exterior pouch

Tablet Case

Why not add the hint of professionalism to yourself with the leather tablet case? Of course, get the elite tablet case that is not only robust but also stylish for you to carry. Leather tablet cases offer thorough protection and also look stylish at the same time for your valuable gadget. Get your leather tablet case to get a distinguished look than the other ordinary cases that just can’t match the premium traditional leather look. It is the best item to consider for marriage anniversary gifts for husband. Don’t wait anymore, and have one today and celebrate your anniversary.

Gift Ideas that always Strike

Leather accessory lovers know best that the leather item is no less than gold as it equally holds the grandeur for years and offers phenomenal representation. With one leather field notes cover, you can flaunt the design anywhere and also, stay assured with the robust craftsmanship that can stand hardship constantly. No doubt that any leather gift idea is a wonderful option for a gift because of its premium texture and durability. Moreover, the tradition of having a leather item holds many notes. Just buy leather gifts online, and elevate your statement that you require how much customization is required for the product to make it look absolutely stunning.  It will last a lifetime without any hesitation but surely requires proper care, whatever you buy. Come to our website and select the range of gift items that require enchantment, like pure leather goods.   Get personalized gift options and make the most memorable experience with us. We provide the most awesome leather gifts online options that you can’t go wrong.  Customization to Offer Customers What They Desire – Explore our Customized Service

At Flixgifts, we understand that everyone loves to have a unique and “their way” approach and thus, we deliver a whole new level of commitment to deliver the customary options. Whatever your choice, our experts at customized departments will serve everything and also, suggest as per the wish. To become a global in this competitive market, we know all you need is a specific product that works as an enchantress to all. Don’t envy if you see something uniquely beautiful. The feeling is very alright and we are here to help you to get the best leather gift, such as personalized passport cover or something that is equally glamorous but simple. All we know is that our store offers all the benefits of customization and they are as follows:

Charge as per convenience

Whether the gift is a leather folio Case or an engraved wallet, select the range of products and get it customized according to the budget. We offer a range of affordable items with utmost quality. No matter what, we understand that giving gifts is all about respecting, supporting and encouraging the one you love to admire. Thus, choose wisely as we offer various items, such as leather gifts for her, which start from bags, backpack, wallet, journal and even leather watch holder case to celebrate.

Deign to build customer loyalty

Get the exact item that you see in the website as we offer the best and accurate product with stipulated price. Also we offer a thorough quality check before packaging, and thus, don’t worry about any product delivery that can be anything, like marriage anniversary gifts for wife, and other objects that you purchase from us. The key to developing a loyalty program through customization is to deliver quality products at authentic price. Yes, you heard it right, all our product is researched and analyzed as per the market price. We always make sure that whatever your purchase is, like a leather passport travel wallet, or leather journal, your options are always stand unique and will get the best price.

Add more charm to Luxury item

Don’t believe us!  Talk to our expert and they will guide you about the best way to get the most perfect gift option such as a leather watch holder case, or some other unique gift that helps you to celebrate with extra glam. For couples to celebrate, it is the wedding anniversary gift ideas that we offer, starting from premium gift items, such as moleskine cover, tablet cover, leather travel bag and man more.

  1. Encourage customer insights

Of course we do understand the significance of customer insights, as they do serve valuable data for the upcoming market to form. Thus, we gather enough customer insight and also, get the best out of it to ensure whatever the occasion is like wedding anniversary gifts or the birthday celebration, we ensure the best possible option such as leather camera strap to offer the right and unique product every time to every customer.

Fashion vs. Sustainability

Significance of a Leather gift items

Incredibly versatile material for designing a gift as the material gets variation of processes and develops into an agreeable substance that can convert into anything that carries the sign of extravaganza. Certainly, a leather gift items with embossed design carries a unique message. Get it today and make it engraved with the chosen name or quote to celebrate the day. A leather bag or journal is also considered a unique gift item if chosen and designed wisely. Only you have to make it more personalized by the help of our experts to make it more unique that can be adorned anytime. Strengthen your relationship with any leather gifts for men, a symbolic commitment, and get a customized any leather property that makes a constant reminder to your love. Leather has delivered mankind with fundamental requirements since the beginning of mankind. There is no doubt in that as we have seen the need for leather and still going around after the invention of various kinds of raw materials.  Leather has played an important role in developing bags, shelter, clothing, accessory, footwear and various other things throughout history. Fortunately, it has evolved due to the technological advancement as there are various kinds of processing application that has enable the leather industry to get so many designs for denoting style and stature. Weather it is marriage anniversary gifts for husband or wife, get any relevant leather item as it has evolved into a luxury material that can be inherent for age as has got sustainable properties and characteristics that has drawn people to it through the ages. Get the significance at a glance to know more about the advantages of leather products:

Water resistance

For premium lather products, such as leather bags, can be completely water resistance if you invest well. In fact, leather shoes are also famous for the same quality and thus, many people fund it fascinating towards leather goods. Most of the leathers manufactured goods such as bag, journal cover, wallet, upholstery, padfolio and other leather are made specifically to get the quality of that offer a degree of water resistance quality ,which enables the product to prevent soaking, and retain the same properties of elasticity, color and shape


No outfit is completed without an exclusive leather accessory to finish it off- a statuary note for both men and women. However, the softness if the leather items are very important to judge before buying as the thickness of the leather material defines the type of tannage, used for making pure leather goods. There are various types of bags for the women section as women area equally participants of the professional world globally- just select wisely that are used for different fashion and purposes. Comfort-Longevity-Luxury is quite the phrase for leather items as these are some of the pertinent characteristics of any top quality genuine leather products.


Considered as an extremely durable material, any genuine leather goods are especially known for its high quality and timelessness.  Generally, all our leather vendors try to accomplish best products and make the quality intact. The way it formulated for the designed product is very satisfying. As it not only serves more resistant but also provide durable quality. Again one of the most essential quality, and also stylish accessories to consider because of these features, anything go-to-move with the leather portfolio or padfolio for both men and women is a product of desire and utility. Try to know more and get it as per the requirement as premium leather bags, journals, albums and other products are often very useful and go beyond ages, due to its durable quality. For glam and functional purposes, the selected high-quality leather gift idea is the best example for the gift item from our section, if you are really thinking to gift someone or invest upon for yourself.

Style and naturalness

Leather is a natural fabric and thud, high-quality leather goods is more expensive, as it gets through many processes to make more sustainable and beautiful. Some classy bags, or wallets that can easily transform your boring dress are a sight to envision- yes you heard it right, as there are excellent gift options that you might like to add to your wardrobe and even gift someone with an engraved design as a mark of remembrance that adds plenty of compliments. You can almost always be sure with leather products as they will last years and complements just as good. Explore the range of high-end leather bag, which is a symbol from our leather gift idea store, which is surely complemented to both men and women with a go-to-matching other leather items.

For your Corporate Gift Ideas –  Innovative products within the predefined budget

To wow your clients, business associates or employees, a unique corporate gift is all you want to order or customize. With our elusive range of leather corporate gifts objects, select wisely and also get the expert suggestions to customize it for a better version of your affection. Surely, you have come to the right place and thus, order it from a wide range of leather gifts for womens and mens, and get it customized as per the requirement and volume. While competitive salaries, huge benefits, comfortable workforce, competitive salaries, encouraging team and flexible job hours entice office employees to perform hard and aim the target, it’s the most unexpected gestures from the management to celebrate the hardship of the employees with mens custom leather wallets, journal, padfoliio and so on. To make the message represent the right direction, it is important to go with the best impactful gifts like leather memory book or tab cover that stand as the perfect gift for the employees and also, is welcomed to all. The gifts must be unique and thus, each year try to focus on the various kinds of elevated products that are used to celebrate new employee referrals, work anniversary, milestones, onboarding, tenure or recognize that best employees who went above and beyond to perform with a positive aim to get the goal or a deadline. Create a memorable experience within a stipulated budget, know the few rules before arranging any leather corporate gifts or other customized items:

Define a budget, which provides an idea what to celebrate and the respective items to buy, like some leather gifts for men for the employees

List the occasions, such as leather gifts for women for female employees and other pertinent selection to the new joiners.

  • As per the corporate guidelines, ensure good etiquette for gifting and other relative arrangements, such as giving weekend travel bags with right engraving to mark the name.

Make the gift more personalized by bringing the best ideas in town, like customization of canvas backpacks with company name engraved

Giving corporate gifts is a year-round effort, so arrange it wisely and evoke emotion through some thoughtful gifts like leather field notes cover to celebrate.

Now go and break through the noise with the most elite gift options in town! – Makes a Corporate Gift Idea Unique with us.

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